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Owner & Spray Tan Artist

Hi! My name is Ann...

Occupational therapist by day and spray tan artist by night!  I am the founder and owner of Alluring Aesthetics Spray Tan LLC, and I started this business with two goals in mind. First and foremost, to provide a safe tanning alternative versus being subjected to the sun’s harmful UV rays and the detrimental affects it can have on your skin and health. Secondly, to instill that feeling of confidence and beauty! My business motto "Equal Beauty for All" is exactly what I aspire  for every person to feel that leaves my spray tan tent regardless of age, gender identity, ethnicity, or disability! In today's world full of media and the unrealistic drive for perfection, it can be daunting and difficult to feel beautiful and confident in your own skin. As a long time spray tanner myself, there is  something about a spray tan that just makes me feel good and boosts the mood, especially in the winter months! Being in the occupational therapy field for the past 15 years, I have always emphasized the importance of self care to my clients especially when it comes to mental health. Do what makes you feel your absolute best!

I would be honored to be your spray tan artist of choice for your spray tanning needs whether it is for a special occasion, spray tan party, sporting/entertainment event, or just doing something on the regular for yourself!

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